Green Earth Marathon Bengaluru

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Green Earth Marathon Bengaluru
Sun, 17 Nov 2019 06:00 AM - 10:00 AM
St Joseph Public School, Vittal Mallya Road,,,Bengaluru


Water Indeed Is The Elixir Of Life

The importance of water as a natural resource needs no re-iteration. Sadly, the term water footprint has been trending in recent times. The trend reflects the sudden emergence and global realization of a severe water crisis.

For those of us who wonder why the crisis despite the majority of the Earth being covered with water? Well, 97% of all the water is saltwater, unsuitable for consumption. 0.5% out of the 3% freshwater is available for drinking as the rest is locked in glaciers, ice beds, and earth’s atmosphere.

Despite earth being a self-contained ecosystem, the strain on the water resources has begun affecting the global citizens. The credit goes to the exploitative human activities since the civilization walked its first steps on earth. Phenomenal population growth, global warming, climate change, reduced rainfall, industrial developments and careless water consumption at the household level are the major driving factors behind the crisis.

In India, a land blessed with one of the most comprehensive river systems in the world, the gravity of water crisis echoes louder than ever. As per the NITI AAYOG report, by the end of 2020, most of the Indian states will be affected by major droughts and a severe shortage of drinking water.

Unless water conservation transforms into a mass movement, preserving this crucial natural resource may prove to be a daunting task. And that is exactly why the Bengaluru Green World Marathon is relevant.

Bengaluru Green World Marathon - Because Every Drop Counts

The first edition of the Bengaluru Marathon is being organized to raise awareness about the multiple facets of the water crisis, the significance of grassroots management, multiple methods of water conservation, our ancient heritage of water management, and drawing the attention of policymakers towards alternative methods of water management. Other activities include a competition among Engineering Graduates for innovative solutions and a painting exhibition around the theme. So, let’s participate and make every drop count!

Race categories

5km Family run - A great and fun way for the parents to run along with their children. Even individual runners can participate in this event. Timing chip for 5 km run is optional and would have to be selected at the time of registration.

5 km Timed run / 10km run/ HALFMARATHON - These are timed runs and the electronic timing chip will be provided

Age categories and trophies

5 km run categories: Girls & Boys , Women & Men 8 years and above. Top 3 runners (only runners who opt for timing chip) in open category win Trophies.

10 km run categories: Women & Men 14 years and above. Top 3 runners in open category win Trophies.

Half Marathon: Women & Men 18 years and above. Top 3 runners in open category win Trophies.

Race support and nutrition

The venue and the race route will have ample water & nutrition stations.

All runners will be provided breakfast post the run. Please retain your bib as a proof of participation in the run. Breakfast will be provided only runners with valid bibs.

Ambulance and medical support would be provided during the run.

Time limit for 5 km-60 Minutes, 10 km – 100 Minutes; Half Marathon – 200 Minutes. All support stations, volunteers and timing mats will be removed post this time cutoff.

Race affiliation and timing eligibility for other marathons

The event is organized under the aegis of Karnataka Athletics Association.

St Joseph Public School, Vittal Mallya Road,, Bengaluru
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