Workshop on Docker (Containerization Using Docker)

Event Info
Workshop on Docker (Containerization Using Docker)
Fri, 13 Dec 09:00 AM - Sun, 15 Dec- 06:00 PM
Amity Global Business School, 372 Saint Johns Hospital Road, Santhosapuram, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramang,Koramangala,Bangalore

Course Objectives 
The three day Docker course features the constructive approach of learning by doing with extensive hands-on labs, enterprise-focused scenarios, practical examples, foundational concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node. Docker helps developers in creating and shipping higher-quality applications, faster. Docker also tracks and manages dependencies and changes. The course offers learners the opportunity to grasp how containerization is used in real life scenarios and gives exposure to  basic container orchestration concepts. 
Hands-on Training 
During this course, focussed approach is given towards hands-on exercises which includes ● Installation of docker ● Docker service and command line  ● Using docker-cli to manage image and container lifecycle ● Mapping port and volume with container ● Writing dockerfile and creating docker image ● Storing and versioning docker image in registry ● Orchestration of containers using compose 
Course Duration 

This is a three day training course. 
Who should attend? 
This course is designed for developers, operators, and architects desiring a strong foundation in Docker    technologies and an introductory hands-on experience building, shipping, and running Docker containers. 
Course Prerequisites 
Attendees should have an understanding in ● Linux basics like shell ● Terminal or command prompt basics ● SSH and Package manager  ● Basic idea about application lifecycle ● Laptop with preferably Linux OS 


Course Content 
 ●Overview Philosophy & Concept 
Introduction to Docker 
 ●Philosophy & Concept ●Advantages 
 ●Installation of Docker 
Docker Architecture 
 ●Docker Engine ●Docker Daemon ●Docker Client ●Docker Images ●Docker Containers ●Docker Registries ●Docker Services 
Working with docker client 
 ●Finding the version of docker ●Creating a container ●Running a container ●Getting a list of all containers ●Inspecting a container ●Attaching and detaching a container process ●Restarting a container ●Using container in interactive mode ●Commiting filesystem changes ●Stopping a container ●Deleting a container and image 
Port mapping, Linking & Mounting 
 ●Exposing Container Ports to the Host ●Linking between containers ●Mounting volumes with docker containers 
 ●Introduction ●Explore Docker file ●Docker file instruction sets ●Building Dockerfile 
Docker Hub 
 ●What is Docker Hub ●Docker login ●Creating Own Image ●Tagging images ●Pushing a container into docker hub ●Searching For Container 
Docker compose 
 ●Introduction ●Installation ●Compose File Structure ●Orchestration using Compose 
Docker Registry 
 ●Registry Overview ●Deploy Registry Server ●Securing Registry Server 
Container Orchestration  
 ●Introduction ●Philosophy & Concept ●Use Cases 
Real Life Containerization 
 ●How industry Need it ●How to plan Migration on Containers 

Amity Global Business School, 372 Saint Johns Hospital Road, Santhosapuram, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramang, Bangalore
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